To succeed today leaders and their people must move their thinking from a mindset that seeks certainty to one where progress is made by actively engaging with uncertainty. This paradigm shift will require leaders to both cast a vision that motivates people to embrace the new challenges, and to also equip them with the tools to transition from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’. Optimal Human Performance (OHP) enables the development of resilient leaders who understand the levers of performance, and who possess the mental agility to lead the cultural and behavioural change essential for success in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. This is not easy – such change is often perceived as threatening and resisted, either consciously or non-consciously. Enabling leaders to do this is at the heart of the OHP approach that is designed to deliver enhanced performance across the organization.

OHP is about maximizing the potential of individuals to perform beyond what is expected. It is a holistic programme because it addresses the whole person. It integrates both the mind and body to optimize performance. It recognizes that only by utilising all of a person’s resources, will optimal performance be achieved. It views performance through the lens of unbounded potential, and is built on health and wellbeing practices that allow a person to sustain balance in life, the mental toughness to thrive under pressure, and the thinking skills to deliver winning outcomes. The programme is supported by coaching, emerging technology, leading edge research and psychometric tools to accelerate learning and growth. It has its genesis in the military and the work to develop resilient service men and woman with a ‘warrior mindset’.

Robert delivers the OHP model within a performance-coaching framework in which you and he collaborate in diagnosing problems and co-developing solutions based on the findings. This approach enables the discovery of workable, radical solutions that are owned by those affected. A reflective learning process is embedded into the programme in order to share knowledge and skills.